Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Drip Tape Layout for Irrigation of Sugarcane in Latosol

The Open Biotechnology Journal 12 Nov 2015 RETRACTED ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070701509010265


A laboratory soil column experiment was first conducted to analyze water movement in latosol of sugarcane field under drip irrigation from single-point source at different emitter discharge rates. Next, a mathematical model of soil water movement under drip irrigation from single-point source was built using Hydrus-3D, which could accurately simulate the shape of the wetted soil volume and the distribution of volumetric water content in the experiment. Further, a Hydrus- 3D model of soil water movement under drip irrigation from double-point source was built and then used to analyze the effects of critical parameters on irrigation uniformity. Results showed that emitter spacing affected irrigation uniformity greatly, but emitter discharge rate did not. According to the irrigation uniformity, project cost and operational management patterns, appropriate drip tape parameters for irrigation of sugarcane in latosol were determined: emitter discharge rate 1.38 L/h, emitter spacing 30 cm, and single-emitter irrigation volume 9.0 L.

Keywords: Drip tape, hydrus-3D, latosol, sugarcane field.
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