In this study, in order to determine the optimization technology of bio-fertilizer, the aerobic fermentation test was conducted by using fresh manure and rice husk powder as materials. The inoculation, moisture content, C/N ratio and turning frequency analysed by single-factor test. Following this, the optimal conditions in the first fermentation were obtained through orthogonal experiments. After the first fermentation, the second fermentation was carried out by adding complex microbes with the ability to release potassium, dissolve phosphate and fix nitrogen. The termination time of second fermentation was determined by testing the growth condition of beneficial bacteria in the fermentation process. The results show, that the optimal parameter in the first fermentation contained moisture content of 70%, C/N ratio of 20:1, inoculation of 3%, and turning frequency of once every three days. After a period of fifteen days of fermentation, the germination index reached 91.3%. Following this, second fermentation was conducted at the sixth day and the germination index was increased to 98.8%. Under this optimum condition, the material could heat up fast and the top temperature could be high with a long duration.

Keywords: Bio-organic fertilizer, cattle manure, complex microbial agents, fermentation.
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