A Micro-fluidic System for the Evaluation of Blood Compatibility of Polymers

The Open Biotechnology Journal 6 Feb 2008 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070700802010043


We present a new technique for the evaluation of polymer blood compatibility that makes use of a microchannel array flow analyzer and we describe and characterize the flow dynamics of this instrument. The blood compatibility of four polymers is quantitatively and qualitatively assessed and the results discussed. The blood is allowed to flow through the channels of a polymer coated micro-fluidic chip under adjustable pressure. The chip surface is investigated using optical microscopy during the blood flow and by scanning electron microscopy afterwards. Polymers known for having good blood compatibility exhibited higher flow rate values. Platelets were observed adhering, aggregating and obstructing the channels of the chips coated with polymers known for having poor blood compatibility. This technique has remarkable qualities such as a small blood volume requirement for material tests (100 μL), tuneable flow regimes and the use of human blood.

Keywords: Blood, blood-compatibility, polymer, micro-fluidics, micro-channel array, platelet adhesion.
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