The Effect of Serum on the PEG-Based Crosslinker-Induced Spheroid Formation of Pancreatic β-Cell

The Open Biotechnology Journal 27 May 2008 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070700802010138


A polymeric crosslinker poly(ethylene glycol) derivative with dioleyl groups as hydrophobic group at both ends was developed for promoting cellular spheroid formation. Our approach to bridge cells was based on the crosslinking of cell membrane using a crosslinker via the hydrophobic interaction. Using the crosslinker, spheroid formation of pancreatic β-cell line RIN in a round bottom 96-well plate was evaluated, especially in effect of serum on spheroid formation. In the presence or absence of serum, the size of prepared spheroid was found to decrease with increasing culture time and with increasing crosslinker concentration. However, the medium without serum proved to be a favorable condition for promoting cell aggregation because in this case spheroid with smaller size could be obtained. It was clarified that spheroid formation and insulin secretion of the spheroid prepared by the crosslinker were enhanced, especially in the medium without serum.

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