Fish Waste-Potential Low Cost Substrate for Bacterial Protease Production: A Brief Review

The Open Biotechnology Journal 11 Nov 2016 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070701610010335


Industrial biotechnology processes have recently been exploited for an economic utilization of wastes to produce value added products. Of which, fish waste is one of the rich sources of proteins that can be utilized as low cost substrates for microbial enzyme production. Fish heads, tails, fins, viscera and the chitinous materials make up the wastes from fish industries. Processing these wastes for the production of commercial value added products could result in a decrease in the cost of production. In addition, we can eliminate the pollution of the environment and health issues due to the improper disposal of these fish wastes. This review highlights the potential use of fish waste as a cheaper substrate for the production of economically important protease enzyme.

Keywords: Defatting, Fish waste, Pollution, Protease, Substrate, Value added products, Waste processing.
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