The Research of Procyanidins Extracting and Membrane Concentration Efficiency Based on Ultrasonic -Assisted Filtration

The Open Biotechnology Journal 31 May 2016 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18740707016100100239


In order to improve the traditional methods of procyanidins extracting, ultrasonic-assisted filtration was used in the process of extracting proan-thocyanidin which was from membrane concentration of grape seed. Through the mechanism analysis of ultrasonic-assisted ultrafiltration, ultrasonic is able to alleviate the phenomenon of concentration polari-zation, so the efficiency of extracting proanthocyanidins was improved. Based on the phenomenon that ultrasonic enhanced membrane concentration of procyanidins extracting, BP neural network was used to construct the ultrasonic-assisted filtration membrane-flux model, and the genetic algorithm was used to optimize the parameters of ultrasonic-assisted filtration. The research results show that the optimal process parameters of ultrasonic-assisted are ultrasonic power 240W, number of vibrator 6, angle of vibrator 40°and ultrasonic time 9 min. Itrafiltration flux increased by 42% under the above conditions.

Keywords: Genetic algorithm, Membrane concentration, Membrane flux, Neural network, Procyanidins, Ultrasonic.
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