New Test-system Based on the Evaluation of Yeast Cells Resistance to Dehydration-rehydration Stress

The Open Biotechnology Journal 26 June 2015 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070701509010049


A new test-system was developed for rapid evaluation of the cytoprotective potential of substances which can be included in cosmetics and health care compositions. It was evaluated by changes of the viability of yeast cells after dehydration/rehydration (D/R) treatment. To check the efficiency of proposed test system we studied the effects of water extracts of the natural peloid, which are used in balneotherapy procedures. It was revealed that the resistance to D/R of cells incubated in peloid water extracts (PWE) was significantly increased (by 30-38%) already after their short incubation in the solutions with low concentrations of the PWE. Meanwhile the membrane permeability was significantly decreased after incubation with PWE. The viability of yeast cells which were more sensitive to D/R stress was increased by PWE to larger extent than the viability of the cells that were initially more resistant to this stress. The positive effect PWE upon yeast cell viability after D/R treatment can be linked with the stabilisation of the cells’ plasma membrane. The results obtained in this study indicate that this new test-system can be recommended as fast, simple and cost-efficient assay for the evaluation of various substances effects upon eukaryotic cells including also the ingredients for cosmetic products.

Keywords: Cell viability, dehydration/rehydration, peloid, permeability, plasma membrane, stress resistance.
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