Solid Phase Syntheses of Ferulic Acid Derivatives Acetyl Feruloyl Tyrosine and Acetyl Feruloyl Valyl Tyrosine

The Open Biotechnology Journal 28 Jan 2015 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070701509010001


Ferulic acid was used as a common drug for cardia-cerebrovascular disease and leukopenia, but the application of ferulic acid was inhibited by the poor absorption and stability. The improvement of these defects can be realized by modifying ferulic acid by amino acids, because the amido bond can increase the bioavailability and therapeutic effect of some drugs based on the peptide transporter system of mammalian which can transport the peptidyl drugs. The peptidyl derivatives of ferulic acid, namely acetyl feruloyl tyrosine and acetyl feruloyl valyl tyrosine, were synthesized using Fmoc solid-phase synthesis method. The synthesized ferulic acid amide derivatives were purified by RP-HPLC, and characterized by IR, HNMR and ESI-MS. The results indicated that Fmoc solid phase synthesis was a convenient method for the amide bond modification of ferulic acid and the further property research on ferulic acid derivatives.

Keywords: Derivative, ferulic acid, purification, solid phase, synthesis, tyrosine, valine.
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