The Uncertainty Assessment of Threonine Determination in Ginseng and Its Immune Activity

The Open Biotechnology Journal 31 December 2014 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874070701408010023


Ginseng is one of famous herbs, which has many medical functions, such as neuroprotective effects, and anticancer function, because ginseng contains many active substances, and threonine is one important ingredient. In this study, to establish a mathematical model of uncertainty assessment for Threonine content in Ginseng by the amino acid assay, the sources of uncertainty in the measurement process were completely concerned, the main sources of uncertainty were fully analyzed, and evaluated and calculated. The results showed, for 0.2083g sample, the Threonine determination in Ginseng showed a good linear relationship. IN conclusion, this method developed in this study is suitable for the Uncertainty factors assessment of threonine measurement in Ginseng by amino acid assay. We also did animal test. To detect the immune activity of threonine in Ginseng, we detected the CD3+, CD19+ using FACS of mice after oral administration.

Keywords: Ginseng, threonine, Immune Activity, CD3+.
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